Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Is it February already?

So, I'm on the tube today, as I am every day.

And as I'm waiting for my train, I'm reading the ads on the wall. As I do every day.

I got a little confused today though, when I saw this ad:

"Every kind of Valentine"?

Either this ad is 6 months too late or 6 months too early. Either way, I'm not ready for February yet.

It's August, people. Get with the program.

Monday, August 29, 2005

It's the special anniversary Quiz!

On the day of the Bloggiversary, I asked what y'all would like as a special birthday treat.

After serious debate, I have made my decision.

Loyal reader "some guy" suggested the following:

"My vote goes to some sort of contest, quiz or somesuch - with a cheezy prize. Maybe some Spongebob Squarepants stickers or something?"

I liked this idea. I liked it a lot. And so, I have created a special anniversary Quiz (with a capital Q) for y'all to take.

It'll show who's been paying attention over the last year.

I'll post the answer and the winner in a week or so. And will there be prizes, you ask?

Oh, there will be prizes. I can't promise Spongebob, but it'll be good. Trust me.

Fashion Avenger

Dear Skanky Girl I Saw In Holborn On Saturday Night,

Oh, sweet mother of god. That's it. You've done it. You've won the prize.

You are, without a doubt, the owner of the skankiest outfit I've ever seen. And that's saying an awful lot.

I'm trying to find the good points, so that I can give you a vague, halfhearted compliment before insulting you, but I can't. Okay, your t-shirt was fine. Plain white t-shirt. That's okay.

But the short shorts?

With knee high boots?

In August?

Are you kidding me?

Maybe you just saw "Dukes of Hazzard". Maybe you're all inspired by Jessica Simpson and decided that fake tanning yourself to a frightening orange hue wasn't the way forward for you. But the Daisy Dukes with knee high boots?

Are you a hooker?

If you are, then that's okay. I can see that working. Because it's skanky and hookers are supposed to be skanky. That's okay.

Dear lord, it was just awful. I'm very sad for you right now.

I don't even have words of advice. Just stop. That's all. Just stop.

Good luck,


Friday, August 19, 2005

Quote of the Day

From Clare:

"You're all sunshine, even when it's raining in your heart"

Have truer words ever been spoken?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's Gutt-tastic!

Things are zipping right along at the Steve Guttenberg Project!

Happy Bloggiversary!

Well, who'd have thought?

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog. I certainly know that I, for one, am surprised. Not only that I've kept it up, but that people actually read it.

Hello there, friendly readers!

I've slipped a bit from the original intent of keeping y'all up to date with the daily happenings in my life, but I think it's worked out okay.

We've had fun, haven't we, friendly readers?

There's been laughter, tears, heartache and joy. Well, that's probably a bit of exaggeration. I'm fairly sure there's been no heartache. Or am I thinking of stomach ache?

I am 90% certain this blog has not made you, the friendly reader, get a stomach ache. Hives or some kind of rash, for sure. But not a stomach ache.

As a very special anniversary event, I will be taking requests for a very special anniversary blog entry. Not this very special anniversary blog entry. That wouldn't work, wouldn't it? Next time think before you speak!

So comment away, friendly readers! Whichever of the two of you friendly readers out there has the most amusing idea, that's what we'll go with.

Deal? Deal.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's Jetlag-tastic!

I'm back!

I know. It's exciting, isn't it.

I'm jet lagged right now (hence the posting at 3am) and can't sleep. I'm too tired to write a detailed post of the past three weeks right now, but I'll give you the highlights.

Work is stressful. San Francisco is beautiful. Kasa Kobrinsky Kleinzahler is a delightful hotel, and I highly recommend it. Toronto is hot. Weddings are fun. Toronto is HOT. Being sick sucks. The Canadian dollar is my best friend. Too much flying is stressful. Jet lag sucks.

And that takes us up to date. It's a non-stop roller coaster of fun over here in Alice's life, isn't it?