Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The TV Of My Childhood

I found a link to The Top 10 Unintentionally Funny TV Intros on the always entertaining Pop Culture Junkmail, and found it to be deliciously awesome.

I was inspired by it to look up some of my favourite shows from when I was a kid, and because they are all so eighties fabulous, knew they had to be posted here.

Growing Pains

We moved to Goderich when I was 9. Before then, I really didn't watch much TV. I know, you don't believe it. But it's true. We moved in January, and I remember during one of the first days in Mr. Mason's grade 4 class we were doing a unit on graphs, and the class was taking surveys to display in graph form. Fully half the class covered the riveting topic "What's your favourite TV show", and I didn't have one. That's right. I did not have a favourite television show. I picked Growing Pains because like half of the class had picked it and it's important to conform in the 4th grade.

After that I grew to love it though, and developed the requisite 1987 crush on Kirk Cameron. Ahh, Kirk Cameron. So dreamy before he went insane.

Family Ties

We used to watch Family Ties as a family. Good quality wholesome family fun, that was. Good times. I just bought season 1 on DVD and it's held up pretty well. And it's got a kick ass theme song.

Night Court

I wasn't just a fan of the family sitcom. I also enjoyed a nice office comedy - especially if set in a New York small claims court. Oh, the wackiness! I recall being very invested in the storyline between Markie Post's character and her cop boyfriend. That's right. I cared about Markie Post.

Perfect Strangers

Speaking of awesome theme songs, I love this one. It's so inspirational. And who can't relate to the story of mis-matched cousins from different countries who end up living and working together .... and becoming best friends. I think I'm going to cry.

Facts Of Life

I am female and grew up in the eighties. Of course I love Facts Of Life. It would be crazy if I didn't. Jo was my favourite. I thought she was so cool. Remember, I was very young.

Who's The Boss

I was watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother recently and a character asked who the boss was. Clearly the responses were "Tony", then "Angela", then after a pause "Mona". And I laughed. Oh, how I laughed. I have a very vivid memory of the guys in my sixth grade class all getting their hair cut like the kid who played Jonathan. Like I can laugh though - that was the year of hair sprayed bangs and multi-coloured slouch socks.

Head Of The Class

I loved this show. Less so in the post Howard Hessman days, but I still watched it. Who can dislike a show with many, many musical episodes? Sure, the kids were performing in musicals, but still they did it first. I also had a crush on the tough guy, who also appeared in one of my favourite eighties teen movies Camp Cucamonga.

The Hogan Family

Ah, Jason Bateman before he was cool. Good times, I tell you. I remember shockingly little about this show, but I know I liked it.

Gimme A Break

I used to watch this after school. It was on after Facts of Life, as I recall. You know, I'd bet that in the future, archeaologists are going to find all these sitcoms from the eighties and decide that every household had a sassy black houskeeper and/or a sassy British butler. The main thing is the sass. That's the most importnat part.

Ah, eighties sitcoms. So delightful. Just think - kids growing up today are going to be sitting at their computers reminiscing about that stupid sitcom with James Belushi. These are sad, sad times we live in.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Spelling with Flickr

What's that you say? A way to waste time at work? Fantastic, I say!

I got this from Ragdoll, and found it a fabulous idea. Here's my Flickr blog title:

To make your own, go here. Or, you can look up the letters yourself like a sucker. Not that anyone I know did that. Ahem.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've seen this like five times now...

but it freaking kills me every time.

Ah, those lolcats. So funny.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Party Paranoia

I am a nervous party planner.

Every single time I have ever planned a party, or really any large-ish gathering of any kind, I have sent myself into a frenzy of nerves. I worry that I've invited the wrong people, or not enough people, or too many people, or that the people I've invited won't like each other, or that I've forgotten to invite someone and they'll be mad, or I accidentally sent an invite to someone who hates me and they'll be even madder, or that the party will just suck.

And, of course, because I am me, I worry if I don't get responses fast enough. Even though I myself am notoriously bad for getting an email invite and thinking "yay, that sounds fun!" and then completely failing to repsond to it, I still panic when people do the same thing to me.

Even when I know for sure that lots of people are still coming, I will still be ready way too early, and panic because I'm certain that no one will show up and I'll be the loser who sits alone in her tidy flat with a beer in her hand and a sad, sad look on her face. Of course, that never happens, and I don't think I've ever had a bad party. But still, I am a worrier.

Clearly, this is all leading up to the fact that I'm having a barbeque to celebrate Canada Day, which is a very exciting day for us Canadians. It should be fun, and really even if only a few people come, it'll still be a good time. But I still stress. Because that's who I am. I am a stresser.

I bought some decorations already, so I'm committed now. No turning back.

And hey - if you got an email inviting you to the bbq? Can you email me back please? It'll help reduce my levels of stress.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gosh, it's been a while, hasn't it?

So, sorry about the lack of blogging. I'm not very proud of myself, and you've got every right to be peeved with me.

But we can still be friends, can't we?

Oh, good. I'm glad we got that sorted out.

So, what's been new with me? Well, I've been doing a bit of writing for a fab blog called Londonist. You may have heard of it - and if you don't live in London, there are many other "ist" websites. There's probably one for the city you live in!

Anyway, I've been writing for them for a few weeks now, and I'm enjoying it a lot.

Here are a bunch of the posts I've written recently:

So, that's what I've been up to. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. But only if you think nice things. If you've got mean things to say, you can keep those to yourself.

What's new with you?