Thursday, March 31, 2005

To make up for the lack of posts....

It's a two price of one blog-tastic day!

(and I got the idea from Jessica .)

Book Reco-meme-dations:

You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?

I'd have to say Pride & Prejudice. I love that book. I really do. And I think a life of worrying about my sister's boyfriend's nasty sisters and not much else would really suit me.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

Who hasn't? Book-wise, there's always Mr. Darcy. I've never really liked any of the Pride & Prejudice films because they just haven't lived up to the Mr. Darcy in my head. I can't think of any other swoon worthy characters right now, but I know they exist. Oooh, I loved Mary-Ann's boyfriend Logan in the Babysitter's Club books when I was a kid. Does that count?

The last book you bought is?

The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde. Which I then realized I've already read. I hate it when that happens.

The last book you read?

I just re-read Shopaholic Abroad by Sophie Kinsella. It's like she can see into my soul. It really is. Should I tell you about the gorgeous dress I got for Clare's wedding?

What book are you currently reading?

Right now I'm re-reading (I'm in bit of a re-reading phase right now) Growing Up Twice by Rowan Coleman, but I'm finding that I'm skipping quite a few bits. It's not as good as it was the first time.

Five books you would take with you on a deserted island?

1. Love Story by Erich Segal. I've read that book about thirty times, and it's made me cry every. single. time. True story. I'd bring that for when the whole stuck on a deserted island thing was getting me down.

2. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I love, love, love this book. It's just amazing. I know it's a chick thing, but I firmly belive that everyone should read this book at least once. At LEAST once.

3. Microserfs by Douglas Coupland. I know it's dated, but I think it's my favourite of his books. And I'm quite the Douglas Coupland fan. He's Canadian, you know.

4. Tears of the Moon by Nora Roberts. It's light, it's fluffy, it's a romance novel. But I've read it a million times and I could read it a million more. Don't judge me.

5. The Oxford English Dictionary. If I've got some time to fill, I may as well improve my vocabulary.

Who are you going to pass this stick to?

I would say Bette O, as she has her newly delightful blog.

The Luckiest Time Of Them All

“You know, we're now at 17 days since you lasted posted on your blog. It’s like I don't even know who you are anymore.” - Anon.

In honour of the lameness of my non-posting, I’m going to share something very special with you all.

I have a lucky time.

Now, I know that a lot of people have a lucky number. Mine, for example, is 27. And that is why I know that 2004/2005 is going to be awesome, because I am now 27, so clearly it’s going to be my favourite year. But that is not my point today.

And people have a lucky colour, or a lucky rabbit’s foot or a lucky pet or a lucky sweater or lucky underwear or lucky parents or any number of lucky things.

Of course, to be fair, it’s not my lucky time alone. It’s a generally lucky time that all can share in.

It just makes good sense when you think about it. It seems obvious that a time with a double number in it is mildly lucky. For example, 9:22 is a lucky-ish number. What with its double 2’s.

2:22 (or 1:11 or 3:33 or 4:44 or 5:55) appears to be very lucky, until you take into account the idea of a 24 hour clock, which you would use if you were in the military or Europe. Then 2:22 becomes 14:22 or 02:22 (depending on time of day) and it’s not so lucky after all.

Similarly 22:22 seems lucky in 24 hour time, but when you convert it to standard North American time telling, it becomes a disappointing 10:22.

I’m sure you’re seeing where this is going.

The luckiest time of all?


Doesn’t it look pretty? And, clearly, it’s very lucky. Otherwise, how would I suddenly look at the clock at 11:11 on many, many days? How would I just instinctively know that it’s lucky?

I don’t have any conclusive proof of why it’s lucky. I just know.

And, now that you’re aware of it’s mystic and awesome powers, I hope that you’ll know too.

Keep a look out for things that happen at 11:11. I’ll just bet they’re lucky.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Imaginary Hobos & Genius Business Plans

You know sometimes when you have a fabulous messenger conversation about a fabulous imaginary hobo named Hobo Joe? And then you try to write a blog entry about him, but it just makes you seem crazy? Yeah, that totally just happened to me. So instead, I give you the conversation that spawned Hobo Joe.


Aaron: Bonjourno.

Alice: Bonjourno to you too!

Aaron: It means "nuts to work" in Italian.

Alice: I hear what you’re sayin’. I do.

Aaron: How’s the biz over there?

Alice: Tiring. How’s the biz over there?

Aaron: Sucks donkey ass.

Aaron: I’m thinking I should just wrap all my belongings into a bandana, tie it to the end of a stick, and then I’ll run away and join the circus.

Alice: That sounds FUN! I’ll come too, and we can be a team of acrobats.

Aaron: Oooh, I like it! And on our journey, we can befriend an old toothless hobo who will regale us with his tales of adventure on the rails.

Alice: That sounds delightful! His name will be Hobo Joe, and he'll be full of wisdom and hilarious stories. And he'll tragically become very ill while telling us the story of his lost gold, and then he’ll ask us to go on an adventure and find it. And he’ll let us have the money, and we'll be rich! Rich as Eskimos!

Aaron: That’s it. I’m doing this now!

Aaron: Oh, and how rich are Eskimos supposed to be?

Alice: Duh. Rich.

Aaron: Sorry. I’m stupid.

Alice: Don’t feel bad. Most people don't know that about Eskimos

Aaron: You should write a book about them.

Alice: That's a good idea

Aaron: And the irony is, the book will make you as rich as an Eskimo!

Alice: Ha HA! The plan, she works!

Aaron: You know, you should start up your own company with your book money.

Alice: You know, I should.

Alice: I’ll call it "Alice’s Emporium of the Weird and/or Wonderful"

Alice: And it will be a hat shop

Aaron: I think you should hire Hobo Joe as a salesperson.

Alice: He’d be so good. He’d really charm the customers.

Aaron: He would. You could set up a corner of the store just for him. There’d be a little campfire, and he'd have cans of beans to warm over the fire. People could sit around and listen to him talk, and he'd work details about your hats into his stories.

Alice: Such a charmer. I love that Hobo Joe.

Aaron: And I’d be outside pacing in front of the store, wearing a sandwich board, shouting, "HATS FOR SALE!"

Alice: Oh, you'd rake in the big bucks for that, I tell you.


Alice: Oooh, that makes it sound like we stole their hats, and now trying to sell it back to them. I LOVE it!

Aaron: That’s the best way to turn a profit.

Alice: So true

Aaron: But the best part is that you won't even have to pay Hobo Joe. He’ll just sleep in front of the fire at night, and so long as he's got his beans and whiskey, he'll be just fine.

Alice: Oh, Hobo Joe. He’s so good like that.

Aaron: Here, i drew a picture of Hobo Joe:

Hobo Joe Posted by Hello

Alice: You are a very talented artiste.

Alice: That looks just like him!

Aaron: Thank you.

Aaron: God bless hobo Joe.

Alice: Indeed


Hobo Joe has also won the lead role in Aaron's imaginary movie, so he'll be coming to an imaginary cinema near you very soon!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Which Johnny Depp Are You?

I don't know if I agree with this.

You Are Sam From "Benny & Joon."

You are very talented at physical comedy. People are in awe of your abilities. However, you have many quirks which can either win people over or completely annoy them. But you're a sweetheart through and through, and it's hard not to love you.

Take The Johnny Depp Quiz!

Although, I am kooky. There's no arguing with that.

Friday, March 04, 2005

All About Bette

As Cheryl B's blog reminded me, my friend Bette (who is awesome) has five poems featured in (I especially like Ladies Choice.)

As an added bonus, there's a link to one of Cheryl's stories!

Ten things I've done which you probably haven't

  1. Been a mere one IMDB link away from not one, but five porn stars
  2. Lived in the Bahamas (in 1980, I think. Maybe 1981.)
  3. Had seminal 70's tune "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone as the #1 in the US the week I was born (It was #1 from 9 Oct to 17 Dec, 1977)
  4. Named your guinea pig "GP" after the one on Polka Dot Door, without realizing that GP stood for Guinea Pig. (I was 6. Shut up.)
  5. Shared an intense, and possibly life changing, moment with Christian Slater.
  6. Had the song "Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morisette in my head for upwards of two months, during the summer of 1995 (aaaand, now it's in my head again)
  7. Had the following hair colours: blonde, dark brown, light brown, auburn, pink, orange, blonde and brown at the same time, blonde with red streaks, and a few more I can't think of.
  8. Lived at four different addresses in the last three and a half years.
  9. Impulsively named a cat after a character in a book you were reading at the time, and then regretted it when people kept asking "Fenchurch? What the hell kind of name is that?"
  10. Spent far too long at work coming up with 10 things about myself. For shame!

Thanks to Wendy for the idea.