Friday, March 04, 2005

Ten things I've done which you probably haven't

  1. Been a mere one IMDB link away from not one, but five porn stars
  2. Lived in the Bahamas (in 1980, I think. Maybe 1981.)
  3. Had seminal 70's tune "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone as the #1 in the US the week I was born (It was #1 from 9 Oct to 17 Dec, 1977)
  4. Named your guinea pig "GP" after the one on Polka Dot Door, without realizing that GP stood for Guinea Pig. (I was 6. Shut up.)
  5. Shared an intense, and possibly life changing, moment with Christian Slater.
  6. Had the song "Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morisette in my head for upwards of two months, during the summer of 1995 (aaaand, now it's in my head again)
  7. Had the following hair colours: blonde, dark brown, light brown, auburn, pink, orange, blonde and brown at the same time, blonde with red streaks, and a few more I can't think of.
  8. Lived at four different addresses in the last three and a half years.
  9. Impulsively named a cat after a character in a book you were reading at the time, and then regretted it when people kept asking "Fenchurch? What the hell kind of name is that?"
  10. Spent far too long at work coming up with 10 things about myself. For shame!

Thanks to Wendy for the idea.

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