Wednesday, September 15, 2004


In Toronto, I had a the most beautiful kitty cat in the world. I miss having a cat. But my teensy tiny flat is too teensy tiny to have a cat. It wouldn't be friendly.

So, I figured I'd get a little pet. I've never really understood the whole rat/mouse/hamster/gerbil thing, so that was out. Birds have always seemed weird to me. And people who own birds always have the "oh, they've got birds" smell in their house. If I'm going to be a crazy pet lady, it's going to be crazy cat lady. I can't be bothered to be a crazy bird lady.

Since the whole rodent/bird thing was out, that really only leaves fish. I've never had fish before, although my dad has pond goldfish. But they're more of an outdoor pet. So, I decided to get myself some fish.

And here they are!

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I'm ever so fond of them. I didn't anticipate being fond of fish. But when I get up in the morning, they're at the edge of the bowl looking at me, waiting to be fed. And they totally notice when I move around the flat and are all inquisitive like. One is quite a bit bigger than the other, but he's not a bully or anything like that. They get along really well. At least, I assume they do. They're fish. Give me a break. But, they've got a lovely bowl with a ruined castle thingy and a very nice fake plant. And I like to think they've got it pretty good.

But the thing is - they don't have names.

I tend to just call them "fishes". I tried to give them names, but nothing seemed to stick. I went through quite a few potentials:
  • Big (the little one) and Steve (the big one) - I got them just before the Sex & The City finale. Shut up.
  • Sid and Nancy Fishes - that was Clare's suggestion. She's a clever girl.
  • Blue and Red - I'm a fan of colour names. For animals, not people.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow and Tennille - that one was my favourite, but it was too long
  • There were more, but I can't think of them
None of them took, though. So, they're just "fishes". I'm cool with them being nameless. It used to bother me, but I'm cool with it now.

They're pretty cute, though. I'm sure if they could talk, they'd agree with me. I suspect they'd be vain like that.


Anonymous said...

How about Pinky (small one) and Perky (big one)?
OK, these were the names of puppet pigs on UK
children's TV years ago ... but the fish will
never know enough to get existential about it.


Anonymous said...

Name the big one Clauswitz, and the small one Patton. That'll show 'em.

/Remains Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you passed over iguanas or snakes as valid pet options. Very reptilist of you. But since you have fish, I suggest you call them "Chomper" and "Biter". Then dare people to put their fingers in the bowl when they visit.

- Brad