Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Labour Day? What Labour Day?

Yesterday was not Labour Day.

Well, obviously it was. But not for me, because I live in the UK. Damn the UK and their lack of autumn holidays!

But, in the spirit of non-bitterness, I have decided to help you all learn a little about the world around you. I considered listing all countries that didn't celebrate any holidays yesterday, but that didn't fit with the non-biterness spirit.

And, so I present Holidays That Occured On Monday 6th September 2004. You'll be pleased to know that as well as countries that celebrate Labor Day without an U (Guam, Palau, the US and the US Virgin Islands) and Labour Day with a U (Canada and Puerto Rico) it was also:

  • Armed Forces Day in Sao Tome & Principe (I know what you're thinking - it's here. See? Learning all the time!)
  • Bonaire Day in Bonaire (Again, never fret - it's here. Isn't it great that today is so educational?)
  • Defense Day in Pakistan (I'm sure you know where Pakistan is, but we've got a theme going now)
  • Dia de la Unidad Nacional (National Union Day) in Chile (I'm fond of Chile. I'm not sure why.)
  • Independence Day in Swaziland (Huh. I did not know this: Swaziland is one of the world's last remaining absolute monarchies.)
  • Reconciliation Day in Chile (Hey! Why does Chile get two?)
  • Unification Day in Bulgaria (Ah, Bulgaria. Who doesn't love you?)

Now you might think those all sound pretty great. I mean, come on! Bonaire Day? I'm sure that absolutely rocks. But those wacky Americans are the luckiest of all. Not only did they get the day off, they also get to celebrate... National Crazy Horse Day! How fab is that?

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday, and remembered to do something special for Bonaire Day.

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