Monday, October 18, 2004

Happy Londoniversary!

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my arriving in the UK.

That seems very strange - it really doesn't feel like that long ago.

I've lived in three flats since I moved here, in three different post codes - four if you count my brief housesitting stint for Clare & Jamie last year - five if you count the hostel I stayed in when I first got here. I've had three different flatmates, and two fish. I've technically had the same job for the whole time, although what I actually do has changed. I've been back to visit Toronto about four times, and I've been kicked out of the country once. Good times, good times.

I've only been to visit three other countries in Europe. (I think - Portugal, France and the Czech Republic. That's it. I'm pretty sure.) I've only been to visit one other city in the UK other than London - and that was two months ago. I should work on both of those.

I've made some really good friends here, and only lost contact with a few of them. I've been bad about keeping in touch with my friends at home, but I'm trying to be better. I haven't seen my family as much as I'd like to, but I've spent time with family that I haven't seen in fifteen years, so that's nice.

I've found that I use the word "home" interchangeably, depending on where I am. When I'm here, it means Canada generally, and when I'm in Canada it means here.

I've found a city that I love, in a country that has delightful accents. I haven't lost my accent - I hate it when people do that. I have a great hairdresser, a cute flat and lots of fabulous shoes.

I've made a life for myself here that I'm pretty happy with. Naturally, there's room for improvement, but things are pretty good. I miss things about Canada (my friends, Cheetos, Creamy Cucumber Salad Dressing, Kraft Dinner) but it's nice to miss things and go to visit - it makes them more special.

So, Happy Londoniversary to me.

Three years. Weird.


AqueousBoy said...

Whoa, wait a minute... there's no KD in the UK?



Get out while you can!

Anonymous said...

Alice - your friends Cheetos, CC Salad Dressing and Kraft Dinner - are those their real names or their Canadian Snack names?

Roddy (Double Poutine)

Alice said...


Cheetos is a tap dancer who lives in a houseboat and teaches knitting in her spare time.

Creamy Cucumber Salad Dressing (or CCSD to his friends) designs and sells hats and runs the only Canadian chapter of the Celine Dion fan club.

Kraft Dinner sells handmade winter coats to sailors down by the docks and is hoping to meet Mister Right there.

Oh, wait. Sorry, I got confused. They're all snack foods.