Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Gütt

Imagine, if you will. A charity shop in Archway on a sunny Friday in July.

I was browsing with Leanne and Heather, in an amusing attempt to find “Canadian” wear for their kick ass Canada Day party. While they were checking out the denim skirts and cropped white jean jackets (stylish!), I found a few hidden treasures in the video section.

A used VHS of Three Men & A Baby for a mere £3? Sold and sold!

While watching this delightful gem of film featuring irresponsible parenting, and lighthearted drug dealing, I came to a revelation.

I am a Steve Guttenberg fan.

Now you may be saying, “But, I don’t even remember Steve in that movie”.

Well, that’s just sad. Sure, Tom Selleck is the “sexy” one. (Of course, if you can consider high waisted shorts sexy, then you have issues – but I suppose one can make exceptions for 1987.) Ted Danson is the “carefree bachelor”. But it’s Steve Guttenberg’s warm portrayal of Michael that really sells the film for me. Not every actor could make a thirty-something cartoonist, who has stuffed animals in his bedroom, and lives with two men in their thirties seem straight, but that’s just the kind of range that Mr. Guttenberg has.

So inspired was I by his moving performance, that I’ve decided to begin a mission. I am going to attempt to collect the complete works of Steve Guttenberg.

Now, the Gütt, as I like to call him, has an impressive body of work. In the past 28 years, he’s starred in no less than 43 film and television projects. And, as an aside, do we really think it's a conicidence that he began his career in the year I was born? I think not.

However, if we lose television shows and movies (although that does mean losing the delightful sounding “Miracle on Ice”), that still leaves us with an imposing 36 films.

This list may scare some people off, though. It’s not the most prestigious list of films I’ve ever seen. There’s really only one movie that could be considered “good” by a wide selection of the general public.

There are no less than four Police Academy movies. Three of his films have had sequels that he’s starred in. (He wisely turned down Short Circuit 2.) He’s costarred with a robot, an animated ghost, the Village People, and the Olsen Twins. He’s co-starred with two of the Cheers Cast – the ones that went on to make more sitcoms, not respected movies.

But does that frighten me? Do I fear owning these movies?

No, I do not. I relish the challenge, and look forward to the day I can sit down to a double bill of Amazon Women On The Moon and The Chicken Chronicles.

In aid of this lofty goal, I have begun a “Steve Guttenberg Project” wishlist (which can be seen to your left) on Amazon. Sadly, not all Guttenberg items are available in the UK, so I was forced to add a US wish list as well. If you’d like to help achieve the goal, please feel free. All generous Guttenberg gift givers will be publicly thanked, and invited to a Guttenberg marathon when the mission is complete.

The Gütt appreciates your support.

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Anonymous said...

I too have realized that I am a Steve Guttenberg fan. Look at how hot he is in The Bedroom Window, hello?!