Monday, October 31, 2005

You Know What's Really Annoying?

When you move into a flat, and it's got these great high ceilings, and you're all like "Oooooh, this is so fabulous! Look at these great high ceilings! And the super huge windows! How fabulous!".

And the flat is great, because even though it's small, the super high ceilings make you feel like it's got more space than it has, and when you're living in a room that holds your bed, your fabulous £10 chair, a chest of drawers, a desk and that's about it.

But then, one day, just after you get home from work, your overhead lightbulb burns out.

"No problem", you think to yourself. "I'll just get the step stool and change it. Isn't it clever of me to have a spare lightbulb in the flat?"

But oooooooh, no. It's not going to be that easy.

Because when you stand on that stool, and reach as high as you possibly can and stand on your very tippy-toes, you're still about a foot short of being able to even touch the lightbulb, let alone change it.

Did I mention that your bedside table lamp is also burned out? Because it is.

You attempt to pull the bed into the middle of the room and put the step stool onto the bed, but after taking one step, realize that this is a horribly bad idea, since it's about the farthest thing from steady it could be.

Stupid high ceilings. Not so fabulous now, are they?

Stupid lack of light in my flat.

Where the hell am I going to get a ladder?

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mike said...

Hmmm... Sounds like a job for Mr. Longarm!

Maybe someone could get you one of these for a certain special day coming up...