Sunday, February 26, 2006

So. Much. Stuff.

When I moved over to the UK four and a half years ago, I was only planning on staying for a year. So, I packed two suitcases and put the rest of my stuff (the contents of a one bedroom apartment) into storage, and trucked on over to the UK.

But as you've no doubt figured out by now, it didn't quite work out like that. Turns out I like it here, and decided to stay. Now that I've bought a place and have a more-or-less permanant base, my parents decided that it was time to send my stuff over. And of course, I heartily endorsed that decision.

Becaue my dad is ever so organized, he went through everything in storage, took photos and asked me what I wanted to keep and what could be sold/given away. I decided that most of the furniture could go, since the hand-me-down ugly but comfortable peach swivel armchair didn't really fit with my planned decor, and the cost of shipping over my Ikea coffee table was about the same as buying a new one. So, I pretty much gave away all the furniture.

That leaves books, CD's, videos and general junk. Oddly, all of my DVD's have mysteriously disappeared, Dad. Don't think I won't be checking out the parental film collection the next time I'm home.

Anyway, last Saturday, my stuff got delivered. 26 boxes. Well, there were a few things not in boxes, like the little triangle tables and the leopard print butterfly chair, so there were maybe 22 boxes and four assorted bags of other stuff.

But that's still a whole lot of boxes.

Now, I bought these great shelves on eBay, which are 2 metres high and 170 cm wide with six shelves. So, lots of storage space, yes?

Well, when I put all my books that I've bought in the four and a half years that I've been here, and the 9 boxes of books that came from home, and put two rows of books on each shelf, the shelves are full. I may have to do some weeding out.

I've spent the last week finding places to put all my stuff. I've still got to find places for my grade 7 math award and my high school music award. Though I am proud of my achievements, I don't think I really want those bad boys on display.

I had some very emotional times when I was unpacking. And yes, I did speak to my things. And no, I don't think that makes me crazy. I mean, the Minnie Mouse figurine and I have known each other since I was about 7. It would just be rude if I didn't wish her a warm hello. And the Winnie the Pooh figurine was purchased at Disneyland when I went to California with Wendy when I was 16. Good times, I tell you.

I now have all my school stuff from when I was a kid, including all my school ID's and I've also got my Cabbage Patch Kids and all the books of my childhood. I'm currently re-reading Don't Care High by Gordon Korman and the Emily books by L.M. Montgomery and I've got some Christopher Pike books and a few RL Stines (Fear Street, not Goosebumps. Please, I'm not a child.) and some Judy Blumes and about 30 Babysitter's Club books in the line-up.

It's a bit weird having all my stuff here. Everything I had before it got here was purchased in the last four years. So, none of it was really ugly or unfortunate or unattractive. Because I've got pretty good taste. But now I've got some stuff that I love, but that I really don't want on public display. I'll have to figure out how to merge that with the stuff I've got and not have it be hugely unattractive. I'm clever. I can make it work.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to read Babysitter's Club #8 Boy Crazy Stacey.


kobrinsky said...

when i was ten my friends and i had our own babysitter's club. we used an old shed at the back of rebecca's house for our clubhouse. we would listen to Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet then walk to Sev (7-11) for slurpees in fifty below weather. Winnipeg, gotta love it!

I hope, alice, that all your old stuff will be happy in your new place. And that minnie mouse likes yer new roomie.

Janice said...

Hi Alice,

Just after I moved into my curent home I finally got to get my old stuff out of my mom's tin building. It's amazing to look at stuff that you packed some odd years ago it's like opening a time capsule of your life. And some you remember with crystal clarity, and some stuff you don't quite remember.

Enjoy opening your own time capsules.


Bette O'Callaghan said...

I remember the joy, nay the absolute exhiliration, I felt when I received the boxes that the lovely Tracy shipped from the uK to Austin. There they were, all my skulls, and lets be honest there's nothing that makes a home feel like a home than lots of skulls displayed with glee.

julia said...

my cabbage patch kid was called carlynne leota. i believe she has eleven children of her own now.

Anonymous said...

Your Cabbage Patch Doll is a lame stay-at-home breeder. My Transformers are currently hard at work on a live action feature film, directed by Michael Bay, scheduled for a 2007 release.