Monday, May 01, 2006

The Garden Saga

So, you know how I have a garden right?

Well, up to this point in my life, I've been what's known in the horticultural world as a "Plant Killer". It's not pretty, but it's true. I have never managed to keep a plant alive. Not once in my whole life.

What's even sadder is that genetically, I come from a good people. My mom is an amazing gardener. She's incredible. But could I have inherited the good gardening gene? Noooo, of course not. I got things that are of little to know gardening use. Which is all well and good, but doesn't solve the problem we've got here.

Anyway, I now live somewhere with a garden. And I am determined that it will be beautiful. Even if it kills me.

There are already some plants in the garden, so I've been working around what's there. I started with pots - lots of pots in which I've planted seeds and plants and shrubs.

I ran out of dirt, so I can't plant more of them, but I think it looks pretty as it is. I've got a colour scheme worked out. Pinks and oranges and yellows, with the occasional red and white thrown in for a bit of a kicky surprise. I'm going to get lots more pots, because the bit on the other side of the door must be equally filled with pots, so as to look as equally precious.

There was already a raised flower bed, so I planted some ivy there and a few plants and then lots and lots of seeds. LOTS of seeds. In all liklihood, too many seeds. We'll see when they grow. It also was a bitch to weed this part. There was this crazy plant that had these huge roots running through the whole thing and I cursed them many a time as I was trying to dig them up. But it's essentially weed free now and chock full of seeds.

I also planted bulbs. "Oh wait, Alice!", I hear you saying "you've gone mad! Pots and seeds and bulbs! It's craziness, I tell you!". Well, you may be right. I'm not saying you're not. But there was a bit that looked kind of flower beddy when I took out all the weeds and I went a little crazy with the bulb buying, so I put them all in here. I did the math and there are something like 135 bulbs in this tiny patch of dirt. Too many? Most likely. We'll see how many live.

So, that's the plant bits. The lawn is currently looking a bit nasty, because I killed the weeds, but haven't replanted seed yet, so it's a bit patchy and ugly. It'll look better, I promise.

I bought cheapo furniture at Argos, and I have to say, it will be a delight to sit out here when the plants are all a'blommin' and looking super fantastico. A delight, I say!

And the plants - they're growing! They really are! Maybe I'm not a plant killer after all!

Now I just have to clear up the rest of the crap that's in the garden. It's harshing my pretty garden buzz, I tell you.

These are the flowers I've planted. It's all very exciting.


Crispa Marginata Begonias
Dutch Iris
Dwarf Fowering Gladioli


Clarkia Elegans
French Marigold
Stock Virginian

Too many? Perhaps. Perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Jeebus. H. Christo.

Ever seen Little SHop of Horrors?

It will be kinda like that,but with a billion (an I mean Billion, not in the exaggerated sense of merely 'lots') little plants, all squeaking "Feed Us, Alice."

And then you can feed them your pigeons.

BTW, are you allergic to pollen?


Janice said...

Hi Alice,

After planting all those blubs and seeds I'm sure something will survive (mutation not with standing). Just keep the new little baby seedlings watered daily for the fist week or two, unless your still getting rain in your area.

And don't worry, most plant killers usually do quite well as gardners.

Good luck and have fun!