Wednesday, May 24, 2006


For quite some time now, I've been wanting to get a cat. I couldn't have one in any of the rented places I was in, and now that I'm in my own place, I thought this is the time.

But my first attempts did not go well. I called one cat rescue place, and I couldn't manage to coordinate with the woman who needed to do a home visit because she was very weird. Then I went to the Battersea Dog's Home and went through the whole interview process, but they needed to visit my house to make sure I had a cat flap to the garden, and anyway they mostly have old cats and I wanted kittens or young cats.

I mentioned this to Jess in the office the other day, and she got all clever on the internet and found an ad on a London forum from a lady who had two kittens she was looking for a home for. After some emailing and calling, I went to see them yesterday, and they are the cutest things ever.

The two black ones are the females, and they're the ones I'm going to take. The ginger kitty is their brother, and he's staying with his mum.

The one on the top of the kitty pile is pure black with some white patches on her tummy, and she's the shyest of the kittens. The middle one in the kitty pile looks like she'll be black and brown tortoiseshell patterned with some white patches on her tummy, and she's the most outgoing of the kittens.

They could not be cuter if they took a PhD in cuteness. They'll be ready to leave their mum in two weeks, so I'll get to have them then. Yay! I'm very excited about all the kitten adorableness.

And I would completely recommend as the antidote to a bad day at work the cuddling of kittens. I was in a horrible mood when I left the office, and in a great mood when I got home.

Now, to think of names. Any suggestions?


kobrinsky said...

I think you should call them Hansel and Zoolander. Or Billy and Zane. Or Cock and Sucker. Or Sock and Cucker. Or...Maybe I shouldn't go on...

Anonymous said...

You definitley need to have clever names. Seeing as how Tim is a spoilsport and refuses to name his pending offspring 'English' (as in: 'T'is a fine pool English, but t'is no barn.") I think you should name one English and the other... ummm....Frenchie? ("Say it, Frenchie!).

But perhaps something more witsful, poignant, something that reminds you of Canada. Lets see... You could name one 'K.D.' (not as in 'Lang' but as in 'processed cheese and pasta') and the, 'Puck?'.

Then there's always the traditional cat's names of 'Chop Suey' and 'General Tao.' But I suppose you will go your own way. Just, please, anything but Mr. Mistofolese. (sp?)


Janice said...

Hi Alice,

Our cat that hit by a car last year and dies was named Moonshadoe(pronouced moonshadow) I'll let you use his name if you like it.

And you could name the other one Moondance or Sundance(Sundance was the name of our first dog my husband and I had to gether), to go with the first name.

Just a idea.


Anonymous said...

I still say they should be Snowflake and Chalky...


Anonymous said...

Bo-Bo Kitty Fuck and Fat Tony.

I mean really, isn't it obvious?