Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hello Kitty!

Well, hi there Internet! I'm glad you stopped by. I've got a couple adorable girls I'd like you to meet.

Meet the most adorable kittens in the world.

The name debate carried on until yesterday afternoon, when my friend Jess at work pointed out that I would be getting them on 06/06/06, so they should have eeeeeeeeeevil names. Jess came up with the names, and Aaron came up with the abbreviations. It's all about teamwork here at the blog. My friends are very clever, so I'd like you to meet Lucy and Beez.

Lucy (short for Lucifer) is on the left, and she's very adventurous and outgoing. She's also sleeker looking and a bit bigger. Beez (short for Beelzebub) is on the right and she's much shyer. She's also quite fluffy.

And they could not be cuter if they tried. Seriously, they're adorable. It's a wonder I could make it to work today, what with the overwhelming cute factor in my flat threatening to keep me at home.

How can you not love this face?

This is Beez, looking adorable.

They were a bit shy and scared when I brought them home and had them in the kitchen, but once they got into the living room, the inhibitions came off and the cuteness ran rampant.

They really liked the shelves.

They're just as cute as can be and I love them to bits already. We just need to work on Beez's shyness. Last night, Lucy slept on my bed and Beez slept under it. Aw, bless.

For the full photo spectacular, Flickr away, Internet. Enjoy.


Le Chat said...

Oh so very cute. I wish my Shearer were still sweet and cuddly like that. She's so fat now.

But you are an imposter. I am Cat Woman. There can be no other.

Nice blog. Lovely photos.

Janice said...

Hi Alice,

Oooh, cute! But not only did you get them on 6-6-06, but they are black cats too!


Lost Newf said...

Ok, freakishly cute. I used to have a black kittie!
Did you see the pics of Fenchurch on my site? Can you believe she lives with a dog now?