Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So. Very. Tired.

I'm absolutely exhausted today.

I had this whole thing I was going to write, full of deep and insightful thoughts on turning 29 and entering the last year of my twenties, and all sorts of stuff on how 28 was a year of change what with buying a flat and moving and having friends leave my life and gaining new ones and getting kittens and whatnot.

But you know what?

I'm too tired for that foolishness.

It's probably jetlag, although I got back from LA on Saturday, so you'd think my body would be back on UK time by now.

You'd be wrong, but I could see how you'd think that.

Waking up and getting out of bed and getting into work today was one of the hardest things I've ever done. There is nothing I wanted more than to turn my alarm off, kick the kittens out of my room (because they insist on lying on top of me in the mornings, and it makes it hard to sleep) and go back to sleep. But because I have some vague sense of work ethics, I decided that I should probably come in.

I am taking Friday off though. Which means I just have to get through today and tomorrow and then I'll be free to sleep as long as I want.

That's going to be hard though.

I'm too tired to do music cue sheets, which is what I should be doing. I'm exhausted and it's just not happening. I'm too tired to concentrate.

I'm also too tired to read things on the internet, apparently, because I've had this post open for like an hour and a half, and haven't managed to get past the first few sentences. I'm just too tired for that level of focusing.

However, I am not too tired for internet shopping. You see, I need a few things before delightful flatmate-to-be Julia moves in. I'm also thinking about seeing how much it will cost to replace the windows in my flat with double glazing, because that's more energy efficient and I lose a lot of heat through the windows now. And I could use a few ideas on what to do with the bathroom when I get it all fixed up.

Today seems like the perfect day to do all those things.

But if anyone asks, I'm doing music cue sheets.

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