Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I always feel like the world is going to end if I'm out of the office for more than one day.

It's not like I'm trying to overstate my importance here or anything like that. But when you're the one person in a small company that has a handle on everything that's going on, then leaving can be very stressful. Things can get overlooked, or ignored. People can ignore the detailed notes I leave for them. Programmes can be delivered late. Bad things could happen!

But I need to relax, because I know that nothing terrible is going to happen. And even if it does, I've got my mobile and I'll always be reachable. I'm going to Scotland, after all. It's not exactly the middle of nowhere. And I'm only going to be away for four working days. And I'm entitled to take a holiday, aren't I? People take holidays at inconvenient times all the time! I'm not the only one! And there's always the slight possibility that me not being here will make them realize how truly vital I am to the running of this company and give me a huge pay rise. Hey, stranger things have happened.

Right, though. Sitting here writing about my stress is not helping me get over it. I need to organize here, people! It's time to whip this office into shape!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Alice, you whip it! Whip it good! Oh, sounds slightly S&M... Anyhow, I would just like to say I think that this is a great idea. Miss You! - Darra

Alice said...

Hee! I was totally thinking Devo when I wrote that! Aaaaand, now it's in my head. Thanks a lot, Darra!