Thursday, September 02, 2004

As Requested: Commenting for Dummies

“Gosh, Alice. Your blog is super swell, and I’ve just been dying to comment. But I can’t seem to figure the darn thing out. Any way you could lend me a hand?”

Well, sure I can. It’s really not that complicated. At the end of this post, and at the end of every single other post, on the bottom right hand side there’s a little envelope. No, no. Don’t bother yourself with that for now. It’s a little too complicated for you. Look just to the left of that, and you’ll see a little link that says 0 comments or eighty or three hundred or however many comments there happen to be. Now, click on that.

“Wow, that’s so simple! Thanks!”


“Wait just one cotton picking second! That didn’t work! It just showed me the comments that are already there! How dare you involve me in your web of lies?”

Well, if you’d just listen, I was about to say that I wasn’t finished. At the bottom of those comments (you don’t have to read them all, but it’s considered polite), there’s another link that says post a comment. Now, click on that.

“Hey! That just takes me to a login screen! I don’t have a username and password! Nuts to this. I’m out of here.”

Not so fast, missy. Now, if you have your own blogger account, you could log in here and then your name would come up under your comment. But if you don’t, never fret! There’s another option! Under the login boxes, there’s a link that says or post anonymously. Now, click on that.

“Well, would you look at that! A space to write my comments! How delightful!”

It is, isn’t it? When you’re all done there, all you need to do is press the publish comment button. And voila!

“That’s great! Thanks ever so much for your help. Now, how many b’s are there in ‘super fabulous’?”

One. And, you’re welcome. Always a pleasure.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh! I thought that I was forever to be entangled within your web of lies... the fear consumed me and was taunting me repeatily "you sissy woosehead! you must post a comment on Alice's blog" Of course, my response being it would be so difficult. But then, you dear Alice, have shown us the light from our own dark places! Teehee! Just kidding... I love this idea of a blog... it's great!