Thursday, September 02, 2004

But, wait...

"Oh, Alice?"

Um, look. I'm kind of busy here. I'm trying to finish up at work so that I can meet friends for dinner.

"That's all fine and dandy, but I just need a brief moment of your time."

Okay, what can I do for you?

"A quick question, really. I'm hip to the jive of leaving comments now - by the way, thanks again for that. So helpful."

Really, it was nothing. What's the question?

"Well, you know how I'm posting anonymously?"


"Well, can you tell who I am when I leave my message?"

Uh, do you even know what anonymous means?

"I'm fairly sure I've got the meaning right. But I didn't sign my message, and although I feel deeply certain that my distinctive voice will come through and you'll know exactly who I am, I was just wondering if that might ever cause confusion."

Not meaning to offend you in any way, I probably won't get who you are from your comment unless it's in-joke riddled (two years and out!). While it's not strictly necessary that I know who leaves comments, I'd like to. So, if you do post anonymously, then if you could sign your post, that'd be super cool. Just a little thing.

"Righty-o, then. Just checking in! Have a great night out."

Thanks, you too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who knew posting comments could be so complicated?

Now, should I leave this mysterious anonymous message or sign my post? I should just leave a clue... hmmmm.

I'm Down Under.