Thursday, September 09, 2004

Has time actually stopped?

You'd tell me, right? I mean, if time actually stopped and I didn't notice, you'd give me a call wouldn't you? A quick text message? I'd like to believe you're the kind of person who would keep a girl updated.

Beacause I'm pretty sure it's been 5:41 for the last two hours or so. I've been writing and proofreading and checking emails and all kinds of things, but it still seems to be 5:41. Now, it's possible that I've developed superhuman speed and am now typing at like 80003 words per minute, but I suspect that's the kind of thing I'd notice.

You haven't noticed anything weird like that, have you? Is it just me? Maybe my office has been trapped in some kind of temporal warp thing and for everyone else, it's like 8:00 and they're home watching Eastenders and eating dinner. If I had a window, I could check that kind of thing.

Seriously - still 5:41. At what point do I begin to be worried? Should I just start counting seconds and hope for the best. How many Mississippi's mean panic?

Sigh. I'm ready to go home now.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying you feel like a stuffed moose?

Hello Cleveland!


Anonymous said...

What he said. Except about the stuffed Moose. We all know that Llamas are the way to go. Very good with time, Llamas. Especially the rare Venezuelan Moffet Llama. If well trained and reading a well maintained Swiss Military Watch on the wrist of it's handler. Of course the Llama has no way of communicating the hour to anyone - but it can read the watch. Seriously - it's why we have Scientists. K, I'm going home now.

/Still Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

My apologies for stopping the flow of time in your office. In future I will try to provide written notice at least five days in advance. These stoppages are an unfortunate necessity for routine maintenance on the fabric of the space-time continuum.

- God