Monday, September 13, 2004

Now I feel guilty...

Evil is a strong word.

I'm sorry, Andy. I don't really think you're evil.

Evil-esque, perhaps. But I consider that to be a plus.

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Anonymous said...

Luke, Luke, you are mistaken. I am eeeevil. Right down to my pitch-black wrestling pants.

1. Love is All Around (Wet Wet Wet version, bwah-ha-ha-haaaaa)

2. What's Love Got to Do With It? (Tina Turner ... it's a second-hand emotion, you know.)

3. Baby Jane (Rod Stewart ... when I fall in love again I know .... it's gonna last ... forrevvah!)

4. The Deadwood Stage (Doris Day. A beautiful sky, a wonderful day. Whip crack-away, whip crack-away, whip crack-away.)

5. If I Were a Rich Man (Topol. Diddle-iddle-iddle-iddle .... iddle ... idle .... idle .... eeeeee? Do the dance. You know you want to.)

6. War Boys (Duran Duran. They never looooose it. Huhh.)

7. Anything by Bryan Adams.

8. Zippity Doo Dah (repetition of previous song for evil subliminal reinforcement).

9. I've Got a Luverly Bunch of Coconuts (cheeky-chappie Cockney singalong. You can't blast this one into deep space at the touch of a button, baby.)

10. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor. Evil incarnate. In spandex.)

11. Where the Bee Sucks (Shakespeare. OK, that's medieeeeval. But it still sucks.)