Thursday, November 11, 2004

Everything I know, I learned from musicals

How to go crazy and live under an opera house? Phantom of the Opera
How to be a French revolutionary? Les Miserables
How to fall in love with an American GI in Vietnam? Miss Saigon
How to have prophetic dreams? Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
How to cause trouble with a capital T & that rhymes with P & that stands for pool? The Music Man
How to manage as a blind kid in a tough world? Tommy
How to be a freaky hippie? Hair
How to string together songs with no relevance? Mama Mia
How to suck? We Will Rock You
How to be a cool aunt? Mame
How to wash that man right out of my hair? South Pacific
How to catch a man by learning to be slutty? Grease
How to be less human and more cat? Cats
How to be tough and yet dance at the same time? West Side Story
How to be a matchmaker? Fiddler on the Roof
How to be the boss of a whole country? Evita
How to sing the body electric? Fame
How to bring Western culture to Siam? The King & I
How to manage if your town sleeps for a hundred years? Brigadoon
How to be a showgirl on a floating casino? Show Boat
How to ride in a surrey with a fringe on top? Oklahoma
How to be the first Bow Street Runner? Oliver!
How to exploit the media to my advantage when in jail for murder? Chicago
How to rise out of the slums of Bombay to become a Bollywood star? Bombay Dreams
How to betray the son of God? Jesus Christ Superstar
How to lose my Cockney accent and fit in with posh people? My Fair Lady
How to manage as an HIV positive artist in New York? Rent

Seriously! It's like a "How To Live Life" manual!

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