Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I may have mentioned that I officially entered my late twenties last week. Well, to celebrate, I had a little party on Saturday night. A little party that I like to call the extravaGANza!

(Just so you know, when the "gan" part of that word is said, it should be accompanied by a slightly raised voice and an expansive hand gesture)

Because I can be ever so clever when I set my mind to it, I remembered to bring my camera. And, because I am sometimes not ever so clever, I don't actually appear to be in any of the photos. But, I promise. I was there.

Now, I obviously missed the action in this photo, as Bette, Buffy and Amber are clearly fascinated by something juuuuuuust to the left of the photo. But, I choose to believe that I made an artistic decision here.

At one point, the party seperated into a male/female divide. It was just like a dance in the seventh grade. The boys are just waiting for Groovy Kind Of Love to come on so that they can get the nerve to ask a girl to dance. Ooooooooh!

And, now we have the girls. Clearly anxiously awaiting the Phil Collins and the potential for feet-shuffling slow dancing. Awww, romance!

Bette made a new friend. She looks a touch tipsy. But I'm sure Tom isn't afraid. That's a look of glee on his face.

Hannah thought that Nathan looked fat in this picture. Hee. I'd also like to clarify that Sarah isn't drunk. Well, she is. But she's also jet-lagged. She flew in from Fargo, North Dakota especially for the extravaGANza!

Jet lag + red wine = the pitching of film ideas tentatively titled things like "The Adventures of Sammy the Speculum" or something very similar. In this photo, Tom is definitely afraid.

Woo hoo! Things are getting frisky now! Matt and Jenny are sharing a few little kisses. But in a purely innocent seventh grade kind of way. Get those dirty thoughts out of your head! Dirty!

Cheers! Adam and Tom are certainly looking jolly. And why wouldn't they be? It's the extravaGANza!

James looks a little bit eeeeeeevil in this photo. And I can't remember if Jess, Jamie & Madeleine were actually talking, or doing the "pretend to talk so it looks social and like everyone's having fun" thing. I think they may have been really talking. The napkins on the table were because "someone" (I'm not naming names) spilled a full pint.

And you know what they say. It's not a party until someone falls out of their chair and ends up sitting on the floor. Thanks Kobrinsky!

It was a lovely party. And I had a great time. Thanks to all of y'all that came, cause it was a really good time. (We'll ignore the nasty and mean thoughts I'm thinking about all of y'all that weren't there. Except those of you in other countries. You all have an excuse.)

Now, to plan next year!

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Anonymous said...

Photo of Adam & Tom, third from the end: Adam looks like he's sporting a rather magnificent beehive hair-do.

Just the kind of party I should have been at. If only I hadn't caught my peg-leg in a pothole and strained my jibbet three days before . . .