Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Birds

I had a very scary experience the other day. I'm really lucky tha I managed to survive. I could be writing this from beyond the grave, if not for my quick thinking.

It was a warm Sunday, and I had my window open. Now, it's quite a large window, which is lovely. I look out onto a flat roof and if my fish weren't in the way, it would be very easy for me to climb out and enjoy the roof.

Or, very easy for someone to climb in. You know, to steal my furniture or tv or fish. Fishnappers can be such trouble.

Now, don't worry. I wasn't accosted by strange men climbing in my window. I was not murdered by crazed daytime thieves. That's a huge relief, I'm sure.

I was across the room when I heard a vague fluttering sound. "Well, that's odd", I thought. I went and looked and what did I see?


But not just one pigeon. Not even two pigeons, out on a nice Sunday afternoon date. This was a horde of pigeons. Or whatever the word is for a group of pigeons. They looked like a horde to me. A marauding horde.

There were dozens of them. Well, maybe a dozen. But that is a lot of pigeons. And they kept settling in one area, and then leaping into the air and flying around all crazy like.

This is probably when I should let you know that I'm a little afraid of pigeons.

But look how close they were!

They could have easily flown in and pecked me to death - that totally could have happened!

I did the wise thing and closed the window. I probably could have chased them away by throwing things at them or yelling, but I didn't want to draw attention to myself.

I've seen The Birds. I know what the horde is capapble of.

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Aaron said...

Let's just hope the pigeons don't turn into crazed daytime thieves.

Then you're really screwed.