Saturday, October 22, 2005

People, there is exciting news!

So, remember how I'm house searching?

And how I was putting an offer in on a flat? Well, there is fabulous news! The offer has been accepted! And, baby, those orange velour floor length curtains are ALL MINE!

Woo hoo!!

Well, it's not finalized yet. It's very complicated, buying property in this country. But my offer was accepted, my mortgage has been approved, I have a solicitor, and the ball, she is rolling.

It's a delightful ex-council flat in Balham, which is a lovely area in south London. It's a two bedroom flat, with a garden. It's not in the nicest condition right now, but I'm all excited for getting new flooring and painting and all the fun stuff.

This is what the living room looks right now.

I will be making it look prettier.

And this is the kitchen.

You'll not the ample counter space, and unattractive wall units. I haven't decided what exactly to do here, but I'm pretty sure I'll leave it as is, and just paint the doors. I think the appliances are in okay shape, but I may have to replace them. The kitchen's also big enough for a table. Delightful!

There is also a garden, and I have full plans to be an amazing gardener and make it fabulous. (The sound you hear right now is my mother's hysterical laughter.) It isn't in good condition right now, but this is the garden of another flat in the same estate I looked at.

Isn't that cute? I could totally make a garden look that delightful. After I buy a bunch of "Gardening for Dummies Who Are Also Plant Killer" type books. Those must exist, right?

I'm very excited about the whole thing, as you can imagine. And, I'm getting a pull out couch for the living room, and you know what that means. All guests will be welcome at Casa Alice!


I've got tons and tons of paint samples, and gardening catalogues and all sorts of things. I'm working on a colour scheme and styles and all kinds of things.

I've still got to get the survey done and hopefully they'll only have good things to say about the structure of the flat.

Fingers crossed.

Also, yay!


Sean said...

Let me be the first to say "Congrats!" and "WooHoo!" and "any other excited noises of your imaginitive choosing!"

Seriously, that is incredibly cool. I might also suggest (and there really is no pun intended, not one iota of irony, not a whiff of subtle yet dry humour) that you go with an English style garden. They look quite nice, and require much less upkeep once started.

Again, congrats, thats cool!

Bette O'Callaghan said...

Balham, well my dear, that's just up the road from where I lived and where no one visited me, however, you have the Tube on your side, one had to get on a train to make the final journey to mine. Balham has really grown, 2 stupidmarkets, Marks n' Sparks food hall n' a large Boots as well as other amenities. Its really not that far a journey from up west and I encourage all of your friends to visit you frequently, especially after you get that garden whipped into shape. Think Fashion Avenger acessorises Mother Nature n' you'll be fine.

mike said...

Pull out couch... All guests welcome... Sweet! I'm buying a plane ticket right now! Oh wait, when do you move in? I could even help with the gardening since I went through "cleaning the back yard beause the previous owners didn't know what the heck they were doing" routine this year.

Tina said...

Oh, that is a PALACE compared to my current studio flat in Prague.

Lady Librarian said...

Welcome to South East London Alice! It's where all the best people live. My top Balham facts are; the 249 bus to Crystal Palace starts there, it takes 30 minutes to walk from the tube to where I used to work in Tooting and there's a nice but very expensive florists in the station.