Friday, October 14, 2005

The shame!

So, the most embarrassing thing happened to me the other day.

Imagine if you will - you’re on a very stressful rally doing some filming for British TV.

You're in Telluride, Colorado, which has an elevation of around 9500 feet.

To blow off a bit of steam, you have a beer or five at the bar with the crew.

Said beers affect you a bit more than they usually would, because of the altitude.

You take a school bus back to the hotel, along with the rest of the rally entrants. You manage to remain standing for the whole twisty turny scarily fast journey.

You will soon find this ironic.

You're one of the last people off the bus.

It's a rainy day, the stairs are a bit muddy, and you're wearing flip flops.

You wipe out in the most spectacular fashion, with your legs flying right out from under you and you crashing hard onto the steps in a sitting position.

Your ass gets bruised.

Fortunately, everyone has forgotten about your silly gaff the next morning, and you are quite confident it will go unremembered.


Your boss comes into your office one day and says "Alice, you've got to take a look at this" and wanders back into the edit suite.

You are immediately suspicious.

Your co-workers smell the fear in the air and race into the edit suite.

You follow them in.

You glimpse the school bus, and, upon seeing a school bus and a rainy night, are horribly aware of what you’re about to see.

You run back to your office, shut the door and hide under your desk.

Hysterical laughter is heard from the edit suite.

(Did I mention you were wearing a skirt? Because you were.)

For the rest of the day, anytime any of your co-workers see you, they make a joke about either
a) being drunk on the job or
b) falling down on the stairs.

On the plus side, your legs look good in the shot.

Will you ever live this down? Only time will tell.


Aaron said...

As much as I consider you a good friend, I still think this video needs to be posted online.

Bette O'Callaghan said...

I vote with Aaron, I want to see those legs!

mike said...

You can't just tease us like that and not show us what is sure to be the funniest video clip of the year! It's not like we'd send it in to America's funniest home videos. On a completely different topic, anybody know how to hook a VCR to a computer?

Sean said...

As a Canadian, I feel that not only am I qualified, but that it is my duty to write a firm letter of complaint to the proprietor of this web site.

I am deeply upset that the entire purpose of the intarwebs has been yet again made a mockery of. A brilliant opportunity has been lost. Many phrases come to mind, the foremost being 'upskirt pornography' and far from the last is "entertainment at other's expense." But what do we get? Text. Uggghhh. Not even a single, grainy jpeg, or looped video clip with the sketchy promise of more if we but submit $9.99/month for a year.

This, Miss Blogger, Is unacceptable. I will be forming a comittee, which will herewith be known as 'The Society to Prevent the Dissoloution of the Internets.' Unless this atrocity is corrected immediately, you will be our first crusade. You have been warned.


PS - that is some fine drinking work, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Never buying you a drink again without first having seen the vid... :p