Thursday, June 29, 2006

Best! Trip! Ever!

I wasn't going to write about it, because I thought it would jinx it, but since Heather spilled the beans, I guess I can tell y'all.

Guys, we are planning the BEST TRIP EVER.

Picture it: June 2008. Three sassy Canadian girls living in London and one as-yet-unnamed but sure to be equally sassy other girl fly from London to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Upon arrival, they hire a vehicle, as you would for almost any trip.

Do they hire a sensible compact car? A sporty convertible? A huge-ass SUV?

Oh, no. They hire possibly the coolest vehicle ever.

A recreational vehicle. That's right. A Winnebago. (And yes, I am aware that "Winnebago" is a brand name, but it just sounds cooler than "RV")

They then, over the course of the next three weeks, drive this kick ass vehicle across the whole of Canada, excluding Newfoundland and the territories. Territories are for suckers. I have no problem with Newfoundland, it's just inconveniently located.

Because I am a huge geek, as soon as Heather and I first discussed this, I worked up a tentative route that would get us across the country, from Halifax to Vancouver, in 21 days with rest stops in all the places we're from - Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton. And then I looked up the mileage, converted it from miles to kilometers, made an Excel spreadsheet, formatted it nicely and printed it off. Dude. I told you - huge geek.

We'd be looking at a total of over 7,150 kilometers (actually 7,159.7 by my reckoning) over the three weeks. In a Winnebago! How awesome is that?

I've always wanted to do this trip. And, as those of you who have heard me rave about the coolness of Winnebagos in the past will know, it only makes the dream better to do it in an RV. Think how much tacky souvenir crap I can buy! Bliss!

Because we are poor, it's going to take us some time to save up the money, hence the 2008 thing. But that just means more time for planning! How awesome!

I can't wait two years! I want to go now!


Lost Newf said...

You're inconveniently located...

My witty comeback regarding Newfoundland...

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Alice. I have a concern. I don't mean to be insulting here, because your trip sounds awesome. But.... Who's going to drive the RV?

Do any of you have experience with a vehicle of that nature? They are not like jumping into your Ford Escort and zipping across the city. They are big, and you can't see. Kind of like a truck (or, 'Lorry' as I beleive they are termed in your neck of the woods). You are going to need professional help.

That's where I come in.

I can drive you across the country, leaving you free to lounge in the RV and take in the scenery. I have an impressive driving resume and a license to back it up. If the whole 'girls across the country' image is your concern, wellll.. I could wear a wig. But I draw the line at pumps.

They are not safe to drive in.


Aaron said...

And I will be Sean's backup driver for when he gets too tired.

But I also won't wear pumps.

Anonymous said...

Warning: If you're planning on taking the Trans-Canada, the stretch between Ottawa & North Bay offers NO FM RADIO SIGNAL!! (learned that the hard way after renting a car for the drive from Sudbury to Ottawa, and discovering just outside Sudbury that the car was NOT fully loaded).

I think you should raise money for the adventure. Then, people will greet you in every town, and kids will ride their bikes alongside the winnebago for as long as they can keep up.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that the google ads above this post are for RV rentals???? Was this Planned?????


kobrinsky said...

Sweet! Just like the Barbie Winnebago I had when I was a kid.