Sunday, June 18, 2006

Concrete Blonde

Brad asked: What I want to know is do you still have that Concrete Blonde t-shirt?

Answer: Hell yeah.

Imagine, if you will, Toronto in September 1992. A young girl from a small town is about to attend her first non New Kids On The Block concert with her two best friends. It's Concrete Blonde on their Walking In London tour and Wendy was a big fan.

All three of us bought t-shirts, as I am prone to do at concerts, and Steph and I wore them pretty constantly. By the time I got to university, it was pretty worn out but I still loved it. It was my signature look - long black skirt, Doc Marten MaryJane style shoes, tights, Concrete Blonde t-shirt and plaid shirt.

I don't wear it anymore, but it's still a much loved item of clothing. It's comfort clothes. It's lasted 14 years, and I think with a bit of care, it'll last another 14.


Brad said...

Yep, first time I saw you in 1997 it was that t-shirt, a long skirt, Docs etc. May it last another 14 years.

Janice said...

Hi Alice,

What is it about a comphy old t-shirt? I think it's right up there with a comphy old pair of ripped up jeans with no knees in them!