Thursday, September 21, 2006

Painting, finally!

It finally happened, people. I finally got around to getting my place painted. Woo hoo!

Sure, it may be a full eight or so months after I picked the colours, but it's done, and it looks fabulous!

Using a clever lure of pizza, red wine, beer and snacks, I enticed five friends to help me. So last Saturday, Leanne, Alexcia, Sarah, Buni and Heather came over and we painted.

Look how pretty!

Birthday 06 061

Such hard workers! That pretty colour is Sea Urchin 6, in case you were wondering.

Birthday 06 067

Look at them paint their little hearts out.

The kittens were not happy with whole thing, and spent the whole day either hiding in my bedroom or trying to escape the kitchen in order to hide in the bedroom. Buni managed to make friends with them, but other than that brief moment of friendliness they spent the whole day being VERY unhappy. And Beez hissed at poor Alexcia, which didn't help her terror of cats much, I have to say.

I didn't get any photos of the bedroom painting, which was less fun than the living room because it was smaller, hotter and more crowded.

But isn't the purple pretty? That's the Homebase own brand equivalent of the planned Spanish Serenade. Stupid Homebase's paint mixing machine was out of order, but luckily I found a pre-mixed colour that was practically exactly the same. Sweet! It was crappier paint though, and necessitated a second coat.

Birthday 06 079

My plan to reward the girls with pizza didn't go exactly as planned though, because they delivered Heather's supposedly no-cheese vegan pizza was delivered with no mozzarella cheese, but with parmesan. Because that's clearly not "cheese". It took over an hour and about six phone calls to get a replacement. Poor starving Heather. But she kicked some ass and got the money back for it.

But look! Success!

This is the living room before (as it was just after I moved in):

Living Room

And after (well, before everything was put away, but after painting):

Birthday 06 088

And my bedroom before ( just after the move, again):


And after:

Birthday 06 089



Lost Newf said...

Looks awesome! Doesn't it feel fabulous to finally get it painted. I'm still waiting to paint my dirty hole!
Second, is Alexcia there?!? As in the Alexcia I know, or do you just happen to have another friend named Alexcia that looks very similar, well, from behind?

Alice said...

It is the very same Alexcia! She's been over here since last October. Shame on her for not letting you know!

Lost Newf said...

I saw pictures of you are her on a trip somewhere but thought she was visting! That is so great. Tell her I said hi.
I haven't talked to her in quite a while as I lost all my contact information a while ago (computer crashed) - email addresses, phone numbers, etc. So anyone not contacting me was lost in the abyss of missing info!