Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Things that drive me up the wall: Part 3,384

I work in a pretty small office. I don't like to talk about work too much here, because "talking about" would most likely mean "bitching about", and since a simple Google search for my name will get you here, I'd rather not get fired if it all comes down to it.

But currently, the following people are in the office for the entire day, every day: me. Other people pop in and out as their meetings/edits/shoots/etc. allow. But for a very large portion of the time, it's just me alone with the radio.

I don't mind this - I really don't. It lets me be just get on with things and not have to worry about anyone else. And all the popping in and out doesn't bother me at all.


There's one temperature control in this room. And it's generally set at the temperature that I, as the person who is always here, prefer. This is what's generally known as "room temperature".

But apparently, my room temperature doesn't work for some of the people I work with. And that's fine. I don't mind a temperature change, from time to time.


When they come into the room, sit down, then immediately get up to either turn off the heater completely or change the temperature drastically.

And do they say, "Hey Alice, I'm just going to turn off the heat - is that okay with you?"

No. No, they do not. They just adjust without any regard for the other people sharing the room.

And it drives me freaking crazy. It happens all the time. And it wouldn't be so bad, because it would just be temporary.


Without fail, they will then leave the room without turning the heat back on. So, I have to constantly be getting up to make sure the office is HEATED when it is COLD outside.

So annoying!

A little thing, I know. But seriously, people. Common courtesy! It's not so hard!

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