Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cloris Leachman was robbed!

In lieu of a real post, I give you a recent Cloris Leachman related conversation:

Aaron: How's work today?
Alice: Eh, it's okay. I'm doing Emmy™ research.
Alice: Do you have any idea how many Emmys™ Cloris Leachman has been nominated for? I've got a hand cramp now.
Aaron: I can only imagine.
Alice: Oddly, there seem to be no nominations for her time on "Facts of Life".
Alice: I can't imagine why.
Aaron: That's blasphemy.
Alice: I know! She was such a support to Tootie, Natalie, Blair and Jo after Mrs. Garret left. Who'd have thought that she wouldn't be rewarded for such stellar work?
Aaron: Goddamn Charlotte Rae stole all the friggin limelight.
Alice: I know. She's so selfish.
Alice: SHE was nominated for "The Facts of Life"
Aaron: Of course.
Alice: Didn't win though.
Aaron: Huh.
Alice: Carol Kane did for "Taxi"
Aaron: Whatever. She really only had to deal with Latka.
Alice: Ah, 1982. What a year for comedy.
Alice: All five nominees for best supporting actor in a drama that year were from "Hill Street Blues"
Alice: Was it the only drama on tv?
Aaron: Someone at the Emmys™ thought it would be a funny joke.
Alice: Probably. Those wacky kids at the Emmys™ have such a sense of humour!
Aaron: Yeah, like saying nuts to Cloris Leachman for instance.
Alice: Well, she has had an impressive 19 nominations. Just none for "Facts of Life"
Aaron: Well, screw them anyway.
Alice: Hee hee! In 1987, "Facts of Life" was nominated for outstanding achievement in hairstlying for a series.
Aaron: How many awards do they give away?
Alice: Apparently a kazillion
Aaron: Obviously.
Aaron: Award for outstanding achievement in placing marks during blocking.
Alice: An example of 1987 "Facts of Life" hairstlying:

Aaron: Nice.
Alice: Indeed. What a dashing hairstyle!
Alice: Oh, scary!
Aaron: I hope to god Cloris doesn't see it.
Alice: I think she's selling it
Aaron: Think she's trying to drum up publicity for a Leachman resurgance?
Alice: Damn skippy.

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Aaron said...

And the winner of the Emmy for most brilliant blog post is...

Alice, of Alice's Dark Place!

Congratulations! Come on up and accept this award from some old television has-been who jumped at the opportunity to be a presenter just so they could be on TV one more time...